John Ward’s All Piano Tuning and Service                      

Tuning Includes The Following:

Piano Tuned to Pitch A-440

All  manufacturers recommend a tuning at least twice a year to keep the piano sounding good and working properly. An out-of-tune piano is discouraging to the player or student when it sounds off key.. not like  other pianos, or the teachers piano.

Pitch Raised If Needed

Without tuning pianos will go flat. For example, Middle C on the piano may not actually sound Middle C, but some other note. The proper quality and tone will be missing. Additionally, the piano will not be useable with other instruments. Because big changes in pitch cause an unstable tuning, its better to bring the all the notes in the piano up to their proper pitch, and then proceed to tune again with a complete 2nd, and fine tuning. This pitch raising, only if needed, is just $40.00 additional with tuning.

Keys and Action Inspected

Seasonal changes in temperature and humidity often cause wood parts to swell or shrink, resulting in sticking keys. These keys, if any, will be cleaned and repaired as part of the tuning.

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